Mugler’s discovery

If there ever was any doubt that there could be a good reason why Thierry Mugler quit ballet and designing clothes for a living, then angel perfume should provide empirical closure. The French fashion designer who had earlier on in his life also trained as a ballet dancer and worked as a window dresser in Paris unleashed the designer fragrance upon the world in 1992, and things have never been the same again. The fragrance in trademark star shaped bottles then touted as a romantic scent immediately made an impact, outselling popular fragrances such as Chanel no. 5 and living up to their billing as “the first oriental gourmand fragrance” and “the number 1 perfume in France and the number 8 perfume in the US.”

Here comes Angel

Angel perfume provides an olfactory offering of the most coquettish and amazingly mischievous scents composed of chocolate, vanilla and caramel as the three key ingredients which have also been scientifically proven to alleviate symptoms of depression and infuse the wearer with a sense of incredible joie de vivre; a sense of happiness, euphoria and general psychological and emotional wellbeing. Patchouli is the other natural ingredient in angel perfume and carries forth the scent with a natural cocoa undertone complemented in varying degrees by hints of dewberry, plum, and honey. Completing the treat to your senses are helional and hedione which do their best to bring a touch of the cool and fresh of clean mountain air to the fragrance, giving angel perfume a crisp and fresh finish.

Here comes Angel

Angel perfume is available for both men and women; the latest inclusion in the angel for men line of masculine fragrances is the 2010 Sunessence Bleu Lagon, unveiled this year and has quite the billing of being “an effervescent masterpiece of an interpretative angel infused with a sparkling fruity/citrus top end, and far better constructed mid/base without the cloying honey drenching of the original.” Angel for men enthusiasts will tell you that once you have tried angel, also available in A-men and Pure Coffee variants, you immediately fall in love with it. Angel for women is available in various flavours including Angel Rose and Angel Violet. Angel for women has a strong, contemporary and oriental character that is most attractive for young and stylish women who find it a favourite in their bid to draw attention to themselves as liberal independent and successful. Other variants excel to cater to the tastes and preferences of women from diverse backgrounds but live up to the task of being every woman’s favourite pick.

Here comes Angel

An angel perfume review search on the internet reveals a plethora of sentiments but most users agree that the fragrance is unique and stands out especially as it is composed mostly of “food” smells and not much of a smell of flowers. People who have experienced angel perfume use a variety of adjectives both praising and derogatory to describe its unique scent, but it is a fact that angel perfume review contributors agree that one is apt to either love or hate the fragrance outright.

Bargains and discount offers

You can get an angel perfume refill for a bargain price of £37 compared to the purchase price of £67. The angel perfume refill offers are available in most stores countrywide and provide the best alternative to buying a new tub of fragrance for people who mind their pockets. Also, if you are looking for a bargain, be sure to check out one of the amazing angel perfume discount offers that abound the internet. Online stores such as Scentiments give angel perfume discounts of as much as 30% off retail prices for the fragrances.

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