Scents and clothes

There is a good reason why any self-respecting fashion designer will soon want to include a fragrance franchise to their stable of garment business; it is simply that most people, especially self-styled fashionistas (and without necessarily embellishing this praiseworthy term with the current predominantly negative connotations – if any have been noted it is totally unintended), will find it more fashionable to wear a fragrance that compliments their clothing, having already conquered the Mountain of Zion that is fashionable dressing. It is even better, most followers of fashion will readily tell you, to wear a fragrance that comes from the same company that designed your clothes.

DKNY perfumes

Donna Karan is no exception, and the founder of Donna Karan New York, or popularly DKNY, who started the fashion house in the mid-1980s but later sold it to LVMH in 2001, started the trademarked Be Delicious stable DKNY perfumes for Women of DKNY perfume for women as a tribute to the “Big Apple” as New York is colloquially known to its lovers. The DKNY perfume debuted in 2004 as an apple based fragrance and was stored in an apple shaped container to create a unique brand that was identifiable in its unique scent and packaging. DKNY perfume comes to you from the creator of wrap skirts and the trademark bodysuit, a woman, they say, “who knows women, a quintessential connoisseur of practical.” Be Delicious was the first in a long DKNY perfume line that were later to become an instant success with the young and hip urban crowd, including supremely memorable scents such as the delicious DKNY, Cashmere, Donna Karan Gold Sparkling, DKNY Be, among others. Be Delicious DKNY perfume

Unique marketing strategies

Donna Karan has successfully been able to market her fragrances as offshoots of the apple fruit, taking DKNY Apple Perfumes maximum advantage of the fruit’s connotation as a fruit of sin and temptation which promises an instant “open sesame” to life’s hidden and forbidden pleasures to the wearer to market the DKNY perfume apple. It is even more compelling that the city of New York is itself known as Sin City reincarnate, and a magnet to the young and the restless. DKNY perfume apple is much more than your average fragrance or just another fruity scent, it offers itself as an irresistible pull for the sexually brave worn by the sexually alluring. Adverts for the fragrance include men and women sharing apples and are depicted in sexually suggestive poses reminiscent of a contemporary remake of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Collaborations for good cause

Be Delicious DKNY Perfume for women is classified as a sensual, refreshing, fresh, sophisticated, crisp, exotic fragrance with distinct undertones of grapefruit, cucumber, magnolia, apple, tuberose, white musk providing a robust scent. The new Pure DKNY fragrance is an offshoot of an agricultural project in Uganda that brought together 1000 women in collaboration with CARE International to produce exquisite vanilla sourced from Africa. The fragrance is built around a “drop of vanilla in water” to create a fragrance with a calming effect especially in today’s fast paced world. DKNY Fresh Blossom is billed as the epitome of femininity with its freshness and. DKNY fresh blossom is a mixture of grapefruit, cases and apricot.

Something for the men

DKNY perfume for men features a masculine odour packaged in an equally masculine bottle. The DKNY 2009 perfume for men has a citrusy feel with juniper and clar’y sage complementing the soft texture. Vetiver and patchouli have a dominating presence as the scent paints a virile picture with its classic woody aromatic, “telling a tale about the modern day male.”

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