Popular fragrance

Marc Jacobs is one of the most popular fashion houses in the world and they are well known for the designer clothes that they make. They have now started designing fragrances which are slowly becoming a favourite especially among women.

Something sweeter

Lola is a popular Marc Jacobs perfume and it has a cheerful and pleasant character. The Marc Jacobs

perfume Lola is older than the other fragrances that are designed by the fashion house and its scent is more sensual compared to the rest. One of the things that make this fragrance stand out from the rest is the fact that it has too much pink pepper and a lot of Marc Jacobs perfume pear. The notes contained in this scent include grapefruit, pink peppercorn, rose, vanilla, tonka bean, creamy musk and fuchsia Peony. Its middle notes have been compared to the flowery character that is found in the other Marc Jacobs perfume scents. Its base note is sweet, musky, warm, and deeper than Daisy and the vanilla scent is very distinct.

Take time to figure it out

When you smell Lola for the first time, the scent seems to be very familiar and it is easy to assume it is just like all the other scents that are found in the department stores. It is available in various sizes including 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml. If you are looking for a gift for someone, this is a great option because it comes with some matching body products.

Another one for women

Apart from the Lola scent, there is another Marc Jacobs perfume for women called Daisy.  Marc Jacobs perfume Daisy has a youthful and happy character and is considered to be one of the signature ranges. It is a

sophisticated scent but this does not mean that it is serious therefore young people can comfortably wear it. This scent is definitely designed for the young person but one of the things that make it striking is the bottle. The fragrance comes in a bottle that is very elegant which is something different considering the fact that it is a youthful scent. It has some daisies at the top and this makes it look like something even an older woman who feels young for her age would choose.

Easy to wear

One of the things that you will read from the various Marc Jacobs perfume reviews is that this scent is one of the easiest to wear. It is light, fresh and young and feminine without being too sexy. It is a pleasant fragrance and when worn, its starts out with a fruity scent that is not very sweet. It top note also has some greenery while the middle note is floral. The jasmine, violet and gardenia notes are blended well and you do not even  notice the presence of the daisies. The base notes include vanilla, white woods and musk and they are clean, pale and a little warm.

Use the right one

Choosing a fragrance is one of the most difficult things because it can take some time before you get a scent that suits your character. When choosing scents, you do not have to stick with one single fragrance for each occasion because most of the ones that are available in the market have been designed for a particular time of the day or for a specific personality. Get one for the day, night and another for those special occasions when you need to make a good impression. When shopping for a scent, do not try to smell too many on the same day because this will end up confusing your sense of smell and interfere with the choice you make.

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