Fragrance From Famous Fashion House

Versace is one of the most popular fashion houses and the Versace perfume was introduced a few years ago. It was designed for women and is described as fresh, sparkling, floral fragrance. When worn it has a silky softness and is available in various notes including cedar, jasmine, lilac and wisteria. You can get this fragrance in different sizes including 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. The top note lasts for about 90 minutes. The middle notes are made up of balancing and therapeutic oils and they last between 1 and 4 hours. The base notes have the longest lasting scents and this means that they will take long before they evaporate from your skin.

Versace Perfume Bright Crystal

Bright Crystal was introduced in 2006 and is packaged in a small pretty box. The bottle is square in shape and is pink in colour. The top notes of this fragrance include iced accord, yuzu and pomegranate. The fragrance’s middle notes include lotus flowers, magnolia, peony and acajou. Its base notes include mahogany, musk and amber. It is suitable for daytime wear and after the scent has dried down, it becomes powdery and subtle. This scent is quite light therefore it is not overpowering. It lasts for about 6 or 10 hours after you have applied it. One of the things that make this scent stand out is that its floral scent is light therefore it is suitable for women of all ages.

Versace Perfume For Women

Crystal Noir is one of the fragrances that are designed for women. It is a fresh, luminous, creamy and sensual fragrance. Its base notes are musk and amber and this is what gives the scent its mysterious and dark character. The notes included are few but they are well blended. It is suitable for both evening and day wear therefore you can use it when it is cold, warm or cool. If you are outdoor kind of person, this is a suitable option. The fragrance is sexy and is not over-exaggerated.

Versace Perfume For Men

The fashion house also designs fragrances for men and one of the most common ones is Blue Jeans. ThisĀ  fragrance is masculine and its top note is made up of lemon, anise, basil, palisander, and Bergamot. Its middle note is made up of rose, lavender, lily, heliotrope, sage and geranium. The base note includes vanilla, amber, musk, Tonka bean, iris and sandalwood. Its top notes are sweet and warm while the base note has a vanilla scent with a youthful character. It is designed for casual wear and its scent is sensual and lasts for long. It is only available in a spray bottle of 2.5oz.

Something For The Young

The fashion house also has fragrances that are designed for the young and one of the most popular ones is Red Jeans for women. Its top notes include peach, blackcurrant, apricot, and freesia. The middle notes consist of water lily, rose and violet while its base notes are vanilla, musk, and sandalwood. It is a casual and sweet smell and this is why it is a good option for those who are young.

A juicy peach note dominates the fragrance from the beginning to the end but you also get a floral scent in itsĀ  background. After several hours you get a musky base that can last the entire day. It is available in a 2.5 oz bottle.

If you are trying to find the right Versace perfume gift set, there are several reviews that are available on the internet. Using Versace perfume reviews will give you all the information that you require to choose a fragrance that suits the wearer.

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